How Does Pinterest Generate Revenue

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These days, Pinterest is greatly generating large revenues thanks to its steady increase of users who are utilizing the website for a lot of reasons.  The media and internet marketers are taking advantage of what the website has to offer while it is still in its early stages of development.

Ways Where Pinterest Can Generate Revenues:

1)By charging its advertisers.


     1)By branded pins.

     Pinterest could make off from the sponsored pins that are placed on the boards. Every pin is well taken care of and    paid by advertisers.


      2)By branded campaigns.

With the splash Pinterest is making, it is attracting many big brands in creating Pinterest pages that display their own   set of products or other awe inspiring thoughts that represent them.


     3)Through outbound links.

There are plenty of online companies out there making full of use of Pinterest by aiding publishers in making money by directing viewers of their site to other sites.



2)Charging Other E-Commerce Partners



     1)Through affiliated links.

Pinterest is cleverly finding ways to generate more income and it is already in partnership with Skim links to turn all outbound links from e-commerce sites to affiliated links.


     2)Affiliated links involving a gift section.

Pinterest had the initiate to create a section where the site is solely focused on e-commerce which are labeled as “gifts.” All of the pins have been stamped with a dollar sign in the description that indicate the presence of e-commerce linked websites.


     3)The Marketplace.

Pinterest is exploring every other option out there and it has the capability of creating a marketplace. Basically, instead of pinning products, it can enable Pinterest members to upload any product with images, caption and price tags with a gift section where users can purchase the pins directly from the site.

Very much like Etsy, it would be convenient for the buyer to have a transaction with the seller. The seller can then ship its pinned product if both come into terms with each other.


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